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Drive Electronics

The new drive concept from Baumüller: bmaXX 4000  - modular, scalable and open

Baumüller is setting standards with bmaXX, its newest generation of drives. This series of converters and controllers was developed to meet current and future automation technology requirements worldwide. bmaXX serves as a basis for both simple and complex automation solutions.

bmaXX 4000 - modular servo controller up to 300 kW

maXX 4000 modular servo controller up to 300 kW bmaXX has up to 11 drawers for plug-in modules and can be individually adapted for special automation tasks. Special plug-in modules allow bmaXX to work with most standard BUS systems. The plug-in bmaXX-drivePLC module provides integrated and intelligent control.

Function and option modules for bmaXX 4400

Function and options modules for maxx 4000 With 20 function and option modules bmaXX can easily be used to fit with the individual tasks of the drive and automation solution.

The control unit bmaXX-drive PLC

With a typical cycle time of 100 microseconds for 1,000 lines of STL, bmaXX-drivePLC is one of the fastest in-drive PLCs in the world. It is ideally suitable for sophisticated control and motion control tasks.

New approach for power modules

Five cooling concepts for seven frame sizes allow you to select the optimal power modules for your requirements. To enhance diagnostics capability, the power modules are coupled with the drive controller via internal, serial communication.

bmaXX 4100 – Rectifier and regenerative feedback unit

Often energy costs make up almost 90% of the overall life-cycle costs of energy drives. With this in mind, regenerative systems help to reduce the total cost of ownership.

bmaXX 3000 - Servo controller up to 10 kW

The servo inverter bmaXX 3400 was designed for low power ratings of up to 10 kW. With the new series of dynamic DSD servo motors in frame sizes 28 to 100 and linear motors, Baumüller offers a complete system for low power ratings for all applications.

bmaXX 1000 - Frequency converter

The bmaXX 1000 is a frequency converter that provides for the highly efficient (vector) control of standard motors in three output gradations and in the power range 0.2 kW to 11 kW.

WinBASS II: Operation and parameterization of bmaXX

WinBASS II is a tool that simplifies the commissioning, parameterization and operation of all b maXX controllers - for newcomers and advanced users.

sizemaXX - Drive configuration made easy

Baumüller developed this new software for convenient drive dimensioning. SizemaXX allows the user to conveniently dimension up to six drives. Users who are looking for new drives for their machines can access a helpful tool at, where sizemaXX is available in the download area.

Energy efficient drive systems

Baumüller places increasing value on energy-efficient drives and the consideration of their lifecycle costs. For many years its servo motors and converters have been rated as both meeting and exceeding the criteria of the highest efficiency class, EFF1.

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