Baumueller-Nuermont Corp


Industry Services.We create added value.

We do more than just implement the projects with which we are entrusted – we create added value.

As a core service provider we are committed to providing superior customer service, which has led to many satisfied and loyal customers. We not only guarantee that your equipment performs efficiently, but that we can do so while reducing the overall cost.

Defects in electrical equipment often represent an increased risk of fire and accidents. With the regular inspection of your electrical equipment and machinery, we increase the safety of your staff and reduce the risk of damage.

Benefit from our expertise and our wide range of services for electric motors, generators, and electronic drives. Our technical know-how reaches across many platforms, independent of manufacturer. We partner with you throughout the lifecycle of your machines and systems. We provide customer specific solutions, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Printing Industry

Non-Printing Industry



Our expertise in repairing and servicing Baumüller motors and drives carries over to the repair of non-Baumüller components.

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