Baumueller-Nuermont Corp

Preventative Maintenance

Care that helps greatly to reduce your service and maintenance costs.

With more than 75 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of printing systems Baumueller-Nuermont Corp is your uniquely qualified maintenance partner.  Using the latest technology including thermal imaging, and vibration analysis our certified specialist detect possible sources of failures and initiate the necessary action without delay.

Service agreements tailored to your needs minimize your downtime, extend the lifecycle of your machine while keeping your cost down.  Flexible inspection scheduling allows us to minimize any impact on your operations.  Detailed inspection reports provide you with dependable data that allows you to analyze trends and detect variances before they become critical.  You can conveniently track inspection reports online, schedule upcoming inspections and access a historical cost overview.

Our standard remote maintenance and diagnostics tools help greatly reduce your service and maintenance costs.  Highlights of our diagnostic and remote maintenance system:

  • Direct on-line support through Baumüller for drive diagnostics and parameterization
  • Integrated HTML help and information system
  • Graphical evaluation of data
  • Video conferencing with the service technician

Preventative Maintenance Benefits with Baumueller-Nuermont Corp:

  • Higher reliability of your machines
  • Single service partner for all needs
  • Reduction in overhead costs
  • Extend the warranty option for repairs
  • Detailed inspection reports
  • Quality assurance